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About Us

Love it or hate it - Twitter is now a core tool for journalists and PR people. 

Hacktweets enables journalists to get more focused, high quality responses from informed  people when they are looking for facts and statistics, interviews, expert comment on an issue, competition prizes, case studies,  or products to trial and review. 

Journalists ask for information from people working in particular industry sectors. Relevant questions get answered by relevant people via an @reply - which filters out a load of the junk.

Hacktweets delivers more high quality sources to journalists and more high quality opportunites to PR people. It saves both time and annoyance. Journalists have more direct access to people that can help them on Twitter, get snappier responses, and avoid receiving a mass of irrelevant responses. Likewise,  PR people don't have to trawl Twitter in the hope of stumbling across a relevant journalist request. 

The service also enables media professionals to monitor specific sectors of the media on Twitter, to see what journalists are writing  about and find interesting each day.

If you have constructive suggestions for how this service can be improved, contact us on @hacktweets or  email us